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Spider solitaire

Developer: Megamist

Solitaire is played with two decks of 52 cards (2 to ACE). Begin. 54 cards laid out a in 10 columns: 4 of 6 cards each and 6 of 5 cards each. The rest cards go to the reserve back side upwards. The goal of solitaire is arrange stacks of all the cards of the same suit from King to Ace in descending order. Cards are shifted between 10 piles on the game field. It is possible to operate only with open cards. The card can be put on the card, is one face value more senior. Cards of one suit, it is possible to transfer them together. If under the removed card there was a closed card - it opens. If it was the last card in a pile - the empty seat is formed. On an empty seat any card lays down. If the card batch from the king to an ace of same suit was formed, she can be cleared from a game field on the top plases. 5 times can be taken 10 cards from a reserve for game. Thus they lay down on the top of each column in opened state. The solitaire won if the game field is cleared, and 8 ordered accurate piles were formed above. At the beginning of game 1000 points are given. For each move, and for each cancellation of the move (undo) acts on 1 point. The less than moves - the better. If during game ready piles didn't clean up upward (i.e. the last 8 moves - a pile up), the bonus of 200 points is added! The scenario is always possible to go back by his number (see right bottom corner) by flower button. In the settings there is an option "Mix with emty column" when you can use reserve with empty column.